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Waterfowl hunters: You could die out there

hunting safety by the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission
The recent death of a Marysville hunter and the miraculous survival of his hunting partner illustrate the inherent danger of this foul-weather sport while providing some valuable lessons in what boating hunters can do to ensure their own safety.

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American voter is hard to fool

recent election I've always felt that the American voter is usually pretty hard to fool. In the long run, the majority can usually see through subterfuge and hype.

Election an honor and a responsibility

honor & responsibility A great big thank you from me to the people of Woodinville for electing me to be one of your new city council persons. It is an honor and a responsibility, and I take both seriously.

Love and concern a highlight of candidate's campaign

love & concern I would like to thank all of the people who have helped me in my campaign for Woodinville City Council.

Courteous people in a hurried and harried world

traffic courtesy I've been meaning to send this for a long time and am finally doing it before the point is made moot by the traffic signal. I hope I speak for many a commuter turning onto Avondale Road from Bear Creek Road on each rush hour morning.

Ingenious and subtle plan for solving social funding crises

social funding One must congratulate the Republicans for the ingenious and subtle plan they have for solving the coming Social Security and Medicare crises. The secret plan is simplicity itself, and yet, will anyone notice?

Abortion procedure one of the most barbaric

abortion I am writing in response to a letter written by Sherry Rind (WW Nov. 13) about the "cruel and callous" legislation proposed by the U.S. House of Representatives, H.R. 1833.

People reject additional gun controls

gun control Gun control was soundly rejected by the voters in Olympia in the Nov. 7 election.