Election an honor and a responsibility

honor & responsibility A great big thank you from me to the people of Woodinville for electing me to be one of your new city council persons. It is an honor and a responsibility, and I take both seriously.
   On January 2, 1996, we newly-elected members will take the oath of office for a four-year term of representing the citizens of Woodinville.
   A tremendous thank you to those who worked on, gave to, and supported my campaign. My success is your success.
   To those who chose not to vote for me, or not to vote, I hope you will get to know me and give me the opportunity to serve you also.
   Campaigning is hard work, as I'm sure all the candidates will agree. Half of us were elected and the other half know they gave their all.
   That is success also, to be willing to put yourself "out there."
   My sincere thanks for the opportunity to work with our six other council members for the people of Woodinville in the term to come.

Barbara Solberg, Councilperson-Elect, City of Woodinville