Love and concern a highlight of candidate's campaign

love & concern I would like to thank all of the people who have helped me in my campaign for Woodinville City Council.
   It was great to work with so many old friends and to make new friends in the process. It would not have been possible without so many of you working with me.
   I'm extremely grateful to all those who called or stopped by with words of encouragement or food for my family, especially towards the end of the race. The outpouring of love and concern was the highlight of this campaign for me.
   I would like to also thank the city staff. I was down at the city offices many times, asking questions and seeking out materials on many subjects. They were always patient and very helpful in assisting me to find the information that I was seeking.
   It is my hope that those who are on the City Council now, and those who will take office in January, will be able to set aside their personal agendas and do what is best for the City of Woodinville.
   I would encourage the citizens to get more involved in what is happening in OUR CITY. We have a great city here and we can keep it that way if we all get involved.
   Thank you again to all those who were so supportive during the campaign.

Carol Bogue, Woodinville