Courteous people in a hurried and harried world

traffic courtesy I've been meaning to send this for a long time and am finally doing it before the point is made moot by the traffic signal.
   I hope I speak for many a commuter turning onto Avondale Road from Bear Creek Road on each rush hour morning.
   Thanks so very much to all the northbound commuters who usually so patiently let motorists make that impossible left turn.
   It's so nice to see in this hurried and harried world that there are still so many courteous people.
   Soon, it appears, the signal will be functional on the new asphalt, and instead of torn up roads with long delays, we will enjoy a smoother commute.
   Hopefully, after all the years of kindness from the courteous commuters, they won't be paid back with long backups at the traffic signal.
   Thank you, thank you!

Susan McKinney, Woodinville