Abortion procedure one of the most barbaric

abortion I am writing in response to a letter written by Sherry Rind (WW Nov. 13) about the "cruel and callous" legislation proposed by the U.S. House of Representatives, H.R. 1833.
   H.R. 1833 is also known as the "Partial Birth Abortion Ban Bill." This bill does not outlaw late-term abortions, only one particular procedure.
   This particular procedure involves the virtual birth (all but the head) of the baby. The abortionist then takes a cannula (a scissor-like instrument) and cuts the back of the baby's neck and suctions out the brain material. This causes the baby's skull to collapse. The baby is then removed from the mother's body and discarded.
   This procedure is used on babies who are viable outside the womb. This procedure is one of the most barbaric known to man, and I hope it is permanently outlawed.
   As chilling as this procedure is, perhaps the most alarming part of Ms. Rind's letter is the notion that if a baby is diagnosed prebirth with "abnormalities," it is somehow less than a whole person and it is all right to terminate his/her life.
   When we as a society begin to measure people (born or unborn) by their mental capabilities rather than by their value as a precious being who can express love, joy, and happiness, we are only depriving ourselves of a valuable gift.
   Let us reconsider our attitudes towards the most vulnerable people in our society.

Chuck Cotterill, Monroe