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Woodinville City Council race finally decided

Solberg, Engel win seats

election results  by Jeff Switzer
The recounts are in and long-time resident Barbara Solberg and incumbent Marsha Engel will be serving on the Woodinville City Council in 1996.
   Engel and Solberg join newly-elected Scott Hageman on the council, who defeated incumbent Bob Dixon.
   In her bid for re-election, Engel fended off challenger Carol Bogue for Position 6, winning by a margin of a mere four votes, 1,042 to 1,038 (50.096 percent).
   For Position 2, Solberg narrowly edged Walter Backstrom to fill the seat vacated by Councilmember Mark Jessup, who did not seek re-election. Solberg won by six votes, 1,062 to 1,056 (50.14 percent).
   Solberg said she is glad to know it's all settled.
   "It's been a long time since Nov. 7," she said. "I appreciate every single vote I got and hope that the people who didn't vote for me will give me a chance and get to know me. I really look forward to working for Woodinville."
   Solberg had trailed Backstrom after the first vote tally election night, which showed Backstrom leading by 52 votes. After the first set of absentee ballots were counted, Backstrom still led by four votes, but he fell behind on Nov. 17 as Solberg took the lead by five votes, 1,058 to 1,053. Solberg maintained her lead until the end, finishing six votes ahead.
   Backstrom said he was gratified by the support he received and pledges to stay active in the community.
   "I want to extend my congratulations to all of the new councilmembers and pledge to continue to do my part to make Woodinville the 'Pearl' and envy of the Eastside," Backstrom said.
   There was a similar see-saw in Position 6, with Carol Bogue leading Marsha Engel after election night by 54 votes.
   Engel then took the lead by 12 votes on Nov. 13, only to have the margin close to three votes on Nov. 17. Engel did, however keep her lead over Bogue, finishing the election four votes ahead.
   Engel said she is pleased to be returning to the council and is relieved that the waiting is done.
   "When you pray for rain, you sometimes have to put up with a little mud," she said, "but the ends never justify the meanness."
   "There was a great effort to put together a big political machine in this community and I'm thankful it did not succeed," Solberg added.
   Carol Bogue pledges to continue to stay active and says it is Engel's job to now reach out to the other half of the community.
   "I didn't expect it to be this close," Bogue said.
   "This race was not a real overwhelming victory for one person. I'm disillusioned not to have won, but I'm feeling really good about the campaign I ran," Bogue said.
   For now, Bogue plans to recuperate and enjoy the holidays.
   At its Nov. 27 regular meeting, the council approved Councilmember Bob Dixon's suggestion that the newly-elected City Councilmembers be allowed to sit at the table during the two remaining study sessions of the year, where they could add their comments and questions to the informal discussions.
   The new members of the council will be sworn in on Tuesday, Jan. 2, 1996, in the council chambers at the beginning of the first meeting.
   Following the swearing-in ceremony, the council will nominate and vote for the new mayor.