Local News



Overlake Hospital
   Kyal and Alexande Peterson, Fall City, Aug. 9. boy.
   Amy and Joel Higgins, Bothell, Aug. 10, boy.
   Kerry and Al Costello, Bothell, Aug. 12, boy.
   Elizabeth and Duvall Orton, Carl, Fall City, Aug. 18, boy.
   Amy Wedeking and Mike Shannon, Bothell, Aug. 16, boy.
   Carol and Ted Andersohn, Bothell, Sept. 27, boy.
   Samantha and Shawn Bradley, Duvall, Sept. 27, boy.
   Susan and Robert Scheid, Woodinville, Sept. 30, boy.
   Becky and Kirk Caswell, Bothell, Oct. 5, girl.
   Ann and Tom Pearce, Bothell, Oct. 12, boy.
   Leslie and Cory Parris, Bothell, Oct. 13, girl.

Stevens Hospital
   Rochelle and James Bobin, Bothell, Aug. 10. boy.
   Christi and Kent Dotson, Bothell, Aug. 10, girl.
   Joelle and Dylan Kastello, Bothell, Aug. 10 girl.
   Carol and Gonzalez Berkley, Bothell, Oct. 7, boy.
   Mitzi and Paul Thompson, Bothell, Oct. 7, boy.
   Jacqueline and Dean Schmidt, Mill Creek, Oct. 12, girl.
   Christine and Robert Crissinger, Mill Creek, Oct. 19, boy.

Valley General Hospital
   Sara C. and Leland J. Wolcott, Monroe, Oct. 2, boy.
   Stephani R. and Eric H. Smith, Monroe, Oct. 3, boy.
   Diane G. Brown and Guy H. Wuthrich, Monroe, Oct. 6, boy.
   Teresa D. Peterson and Benjamin L.Hampton, Monroe, Oct.13, girl.
   Siressa L. and John E. Ivers, Monroe, Oct. 17, boy.

Virginia Mason
   Faith and Wesley Reeder, Fall City, Sept. 22, girl.