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Police Beat

police beat by Richard Matros
On Nov. 20, a person wearing a black leather jacket was seen leaving a grocery store acting suspiciously. One hour later, the same person and a companion were spotted placing several packs of film into their coats. The suspects were approached as they left the store and a scuffle ensued.
   As one suspect ran to a nearby Jeep Cherokee and fled the scene, the store employee wrestled with the other, who managed to slip from his coat, his sweater, and eventually his shirt, and run into the woods. The license plate of the Jeep was recorded and the clothes, sizes large and extra-large, were booked as evidence.
   On Nov. 26, a customer entered a local video store, approached the counter and asked to take a look at a Mortal Kombat III CD video game. As the clerk handed him the game, he grabbed it from her, said "I need to show this to my wife," and ran out the front door. By the time the clerk was able to come out from behind the counter and into the parking lot, the person was gone.
   On Nov. 26, near the 14700 block of 149th Ave. NE, a resident was awakened by the sound of pelting noises outside his home. As he looked outside, he noticed a white pickup truck slowly canvassing the area, but was unable to see the vehicle occupants, who had smashed eggs on his house and vehicle.