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Coalition to turn out in force at County UPD hearing

coalition The Coalition for Public Trust (CPT) is urging its members and those opposing the Urban Planned Developments (UPD) to attend the appeals hearing at the King County Council wearing red and white.
   They are asking that more than 200 attend the Dec. 4 hearing regarding the appeal of the Hearing Examiner's recommendation to the council to approve the Blakely Ridge UPD.
   CPT spokespeople said the coalition feels that the King County Councilmembers have not given the public an opportunity to voice their opposition, but have met with developers during the quasi-judicial period.
   Following this hearing, the council has the option of ruling in its quasi-judicial function whether to approve Port Blakely Communities application for a UPD permit.
   Blakely Ridge would cover 1,050 acres in the Bear Creek area and would be a 55 and older community comprising 2,450 living units, a retail center, and an 18-hole golf course.