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GTE donates to flood victims

flood relief Flood victims will benefit from a $20,000 GTE Foundation grant to the American Red Cross, which is helping flood fictims in Snohomish, Skagit, and King counties.
   Red Cross of Snohomish County will administer the funds.
   The company is also providing Remote Call Forwarding free of charge to displaced flood victims.
   Remote Call Forwarding allows customers to have their calls automatically sent to another location, such as the home of a friend or relative. The feature is available in most areas.
   This offer is good only through Dec 13, pending monitoring of the flood situation.
   For more information, residential customers should call 1-800-483-4100; business customers call 1-800-483-5100.
   During the past decade, the GTE Foundation has given over $1 million to disaster relief efforts covering incidents such as the Chelan fires, California's earthquake, the Oklahoma City bombing, and Hurricane Iniki.