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Final EIS issued on amendments to King County Comp Plan

comp plan According to the Growth Management Act, the King County Comprehensive Plan can only be amended once per year, and the final environmental impact statement has been issued on this year's set of amendments.
   The GMA also requires that they be considered concurrently so the cumulative effect of the various proposals can be ascertained.
   The amendments are either technical in nature, are required to complete work called for in the 1994 Comp Plan, or are citizen-initiated changes to land-use or zoning.
   Some amendments have originated in the Growth Management, Housing and Environment Committee chaired by Chris Vance.
   Public testimony regarding the amendment to the King County Comprehensive Plan will be accepted Monday, Dec. 11 at 9:30 a.m. in the Council Chambers, Seattle.
   The council has planned to vote on the amendment on Dec. 18 (no public testimony accepted.)
    Some proposed amendments: