Serious problems on Mink Road need to be addressed

traffic problems The following letter was written to County Councilmember Louise Miller with a request for publication:
   We have serious problems on Mink Road NE in unincorporated Woodinville.
   Eager commuters speed down Mink Road on a daily basis. The posted speed limit of 35 mph is ignored and traffic often exceeds 60 mph.
   With slowdowns on Avondale and Woodinville-Duvall roads, many cars are cutting off to Mink Road to avoid congestion and police. The police are predictably parked on Avondale or in affluent developments (such as Tuscany), leaving Mink Road as a free-for-all for speeders.
   Road construction trucks (Cadman and others) speed down Mink Road on a daily basis, bringing gravel to Avondale and other sites.
   Since early summer, one man has been slaughtered at the intersection of Mink and Woodinville-Duvall roads, at least one dog has been killed, and nearly 100 mailboxes have been destroyed. (Mink Road is only one and a half miles long.)
   My neighbors and I have called your office and the police to ask for increased police protection, a reduction of the speed limit, and the opportunity to discuss other options to help us on Mink Road. These requests have largely gone unanswered.
   Isn't one human death enough to get your help, or does King County have a human death quota that we must meet?
   In addition to speeding, we have a problem with mailboxes being used for batting practice. Almost any weekend morning, we are greeted by mailboxes, garbage cans, and recycling bins scattered around the road.
   I would like you to represent the interests of your constituents. Specifically, they include:    Please do as you were elected to do and act on behalf of the people you represent.

Dayna Stern and Howard Phillips, Woodinville