County asked to stand up to developers

county & developers Last weekend, the State's Growth Management Hearings Board ruled that King County violated the Growth Management Act (GMA) in creating the Novelty Hill Urban Growth Area (UGA).
   This decision agrees with an October 23 ruling "that this 'island' UGA does not meet the goals and requirements of the act."
   The board reversed itself only on the technicality that prevented them from enforcing this decision in October. They stated that Countywide Planning Policies that are internally inconsistent cannot guide adoption of policies that violate the GMA.
   As a result of this ruling, the developers' claim that Blakely Ridge and Northridge comply with the GMA is proven false, and has been in error since the passage of the Growth Management Act.
   In addition, after nearly a year since the appeal of the 1994 Comprehensive Plan, this ruling from "the enforcement authority" of the GMA states that this UGA, and subsequently Blakely Ridge and Northridge, must be deleted as currently planned or brought into accordance with the GMA.
   The King County Council has delayed further action until Dec.19 to review this decision. We urge the majority of the King County Council, whom we hope now agree that these developments are contrary to the GMA, to stand up to these developers and vote to abide by the state's decision.
   Please do not waste any more taxpayer dollars to challenge this decision that is consistent with the GMA. We hope the council will respect the board's ruling and the wishes of the Bear Creek community.

Michael Costello, Vice-President, Coalition for Public Trust, Redmond