Unions thrive on fragmentation of company/worker relationship

labor unions The opinion section of the Sept. 4th issue of the Woodinville Weekly featured a guest editorial extolling the virtues of unions.
   I don't know--my first exposure to unions was prior to my being drafted into World War II.
   After securing a job in the aircraft industry, I learned I was in the union regardless of my wishes, and, at the first union meeting, it was apparent I was to keep a couple of rather large, jolly gentlemen (and who else) in cigars and beer.
   Since then, I have seen enough of work slowdown, sabotage, and intimidation from a mob mentality.
   Any thoughts that unions have the public interest in mind are ridiculous. As to the individual, some might feel the need of union representation--not me--I can do better on my own.
   I do not need an organization that thrives on the fragmentation of company/worker relationships and rejects such as profit-sharing plans as counter-productive to union management.
   Enough said: Somebody might think that I am anti-union. Not true! I would relish the opportunity of resisting temptation while sitting on the union pension fund.

Name withheld by request, Woodinville