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Police Beat

police beat by Richard Matros
On Dec. 1, near the 15300 block of NE 201st, unknown suspect(s) cruised the neighborhood spray painting and splashing paint remover on several vehicles. A satellite dish was also spray painted with swastikas and foul language. Total estimated damage was listed at $3,500.
   On Dec. 1, near the 17300 block on NE Woodinville-Duvall Road, a resident reported he heard something outside. He said he looked out and saw a dark Nissan pickup spinning "donuts" in his driveway. He ran outside and observed two other vehicles "doing double duty" in his pasture. The victim got in his truck and proceeded to give chase. The three vehicles fled eastbound on Woodinville-Duvall Road into the Bridle Trails area, where they split up. One vehicle had a temporary license plate, which the driver removed from the window during the chase. Another license plate was recorded after the suspect had turned down a dead-end street. The victim returned home and called 911. The suspects' vehicles were described as "totally covered in mud."
   On Dec. 6, telephone threats were made to a local medical facility by a patient who said he felt he was incorrectly diagnosed. The patient said he wanted his original records and reportedly stated, "If I have to come down by gunpoint, I will." The victim reported that the suspect's voice was slurred and sounded as if he were intoxicated.