New Leads Club forming in Woodinville

Leads Club Leads Club is now forming in Woodinville. Currently, planning meetings are being held at the Chamber of Commerce office Thursdays from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
   Leads Clubs are a cost-effective way for professionals and business persons to build networks and increase business revenue. The minimum number of members is set at 20 with 30 the maximum. Only one representative from each business category is allowed in the local organization.
   Randy Benham, Area Consultant for Leads, described the Leads' weekly meetings as fairly structured in order to make the best use of time.
   During the meeting, everyone has two 30-second opportunities to promote themselves and their business or service. Also each week, 3 members have 10 minutes to present more in-depth information.
   "The Leads Organization wants the highest possible quality; we want to motivate people in a positive way to bring in a share of leads," Benham said.
   The cost of joining the Leads Club is $320 the first year, which includes a one time $75 registration fee, and $21 a month. The second year of membership there is a $30 renewal fee.
   Call Randy Benham at 775-8107 for membership information.