Acts of kindness, honesty reaffirm faith in the human community

kindness & honesty The holiday season is filled with music, sparkling lights, performances, good cheer and the smell of cookies and fresh-cut evergreen.
   Despite that, many people find this time of year full of stress as they try to meet the expectations of their families and friends. And things happen.
   Many of us experienced the humbling of lost power last week in the windstorm, and then watched as people reached out to help each other with clearing trees or providing another form of help as we struggled to keep warm and prepare meals.
   Also, last week, while covering a performance in downtown Seattle, our editor's car was broken into and items stolen, one of them a valuable camera.
   After dealing with the police report, contacting the insurance company, and replacing the smashed window, she reconciled to the loss. She was surprised, however, when our paper received a call from a man in Seattle who said he had been approached by another man trying to sell the camera to him and found our business card in it. He made arrangements to return the camera and refused any reward.
   What we can do this holiday is to be thankful for what we do have, reaffirm our values and faith in humanity, and appreciate the acts of kindness that do come our way throughout the year.
   Those of us who work at the paper wish all of you a joyous holiday.