Dear Editor

Young readers write

young readers Young people have definite ideas about the issues and problems of today's world. Many of them have expressed their views in these letters to the editor written recently to the Woodinville Weekly. Because all the letters can't be printed in one issue, we'll publish them through several weeks.

Alcohol damages the body
   I'm writing because society has a big problem. Women continue to drink while they are pregnant. It makes me mad and unhappy. Why would mothers want to do this to their child?
   Some people believe that alcohol relieves the feeling of pain and stress. They also believe alcohol makes them think they're cool.
   The truth is that alcohol damages the body in many ways. When you drink while you're pregnant, you're putting your child at risk. Also, your child has a chance of getting brain damage, losing hearing and sight, plus having learning disabilities.
   Why would you want your child to be like this? If you have a problem with alcohol, please get help before it's too late. Do it for the kid's sake!

Kelly Carolus, Woodinville

Cigarettes should be illegal, like pot
   I'm writing to tell people how bad cigarettes are, and what they do to you. Also, how young people are when they start.
   I think cigarettes should be illegal, like pot. More than 300,000 people die each year from smoking and more than 2,000 from breathing second-hand smoke.
   Cigarettes are also made of tar, nicotine, and carbon monoxide. Smoking one to two packs a day is like drinking a cup of tar a year. Just by smoking for a few years, it takes 8.5 years out of your life.
   In my opinion, cigarettes shouldn't be sold in grocery stores because they're just too easy to access. I think all drugs should be sold in stores like liquor stores.
   Additionally, I think there should be only about 10 designated places to smoke in a town. They should be aside from town where the population is less than in the middle of town.
   Many people, myself included, hate the smell of smoke, and the damage it can do to a human body because we want to live a long and healthy life.
   Can we reduce smoking? Can we stop kids from smokng when they're young? Are you going to put tar, nicotine, and carbon monoxide into your body? Are you going to get any dangerous diseases? Are we going to let this happen?

Kurt Collar, Woodinville

Smoking harms you and others
   I think that people who smoke should try not to smoke. All you really do when you smoke is harm your body, and it's not cool, it's stupid.
   I don't think people should do this because my grandma died from smoking, and my sister has asthma because people smoked around her when she was little. Now she can't run for a long time and we have to take her to the hospital all the time, to the emergency room. I feel really sorry for her because she shouldn't have to take anything like this. If you smoke, don't smoke around anyone else.
   But there is a solution to this problem. You could cut down to smoking less cigarettes or just try not to smoke.
   Also think about this: You're not only harming your body, but you're also harming somebody else's body.

Susana M. Duarte, Woodinville

Speeding is dangerous for everyone
   I'm writing about the speeding on Bostian Road. My opinion is to go the speed limit (which is 35). It's not that hard, you just have to stick your foot on the pedal and watch the speedometer to see how fast you are going. Once you get to 35, keep your foot at that speed.
   One time when my dad was on Bostian Road, he almost got in a head-on collision by Wellington Golf Course. It happened when he was with his friend who was turning right, when a car passed another car. My dad's friend had to swerve off the road.
   When people are speeding, it is dangerous to walk, ride bikes, or walk pets. You have to go to the slough just to do all that! You should be able to do all that on the road instead of driving to the slough.
   A few solutions to solve the speeding on Bostian Road are for police to patrol it more, lower the speed limit to 25 mph, and post more speed limit signs. Maybe all the speeders will be more aware of what they are doing.
   The people that do speed have to think about one thing: Is saving 45 seconds worth a speeding ticket or maybe risking somebody's life?

Brian Eagle, Woodinville

Kids get involved with crime from boredom
   I am writing because too many kids are getting involved with crime. I think the reason is that they are bored.
   They want to do something, but there is not a whole lot to do in downtown Woodinville, so they decide to go and cause some trouble.
   At first it's just little stuff, like ringing someone's doorbell and running. Then they want to do something more daring, so pretty soon they're dealing drugs or in a gang.
   You'd probably think there wasn't much crime in Woodinville, but there's more than you'd think.
   I think we should build more fun things like a movie theater, an arcade, or a sports club. People could go to play basketball or volleyball, swim, lift weights, and hang out.
   So what are we going to do? What are some things you think should be done?

Matt Forsell, Woodinville

Make spirit of holiday season better by giving
   Kids, seniors and grownups might be used to having a few small things or presents around the holidays. But maybe this year they can't afford those types of things and they would be willing to pay the price for a pair of used shoes, for example.
   I know that around my house we have so many unneeded things lying around. It's hard to think about all the kids, seniors and grownups out there that don't have anything to donate, because they're the ones in need.
   A couple of months ago, my family found plenty of good unneeded things to donate. So all that we did was pack them up into a box and send them to Goodwill.
   I understand a little bit what they might feel like, but not the loneliness and emptiness!
   Donating unwanted items is something you feel great about, not greedy.
   Make the spirit of this holiday season better, by giving!

Mindy M. Freed, Woodinville