Priority: Park or police protection?

parks or police Woodinville has a "P" problem. Some people are pushing for a Park. In a park you need protection by a Policeperson. What has priority, a park or police protection?
   How can one policeperson in the Woodinville Precinct protect the population of 6,915 in their houses, on the streets, and in the park? The precinct has business hours Monday through Friday, 8-5. What about the other days and hours?
   A couple of weeks ago, the Woodinville Police Patrol car was seen at the corner of Lake City Way and 61st street. Which policeperson was patrolling the city of Woodinville?
   Has anybody called the precinct and talked to a real person? How many people have seen a police patrol car in their neighborhood? Not in Kingsgate!
   So in my opinion, top priority is money for Police Protection and not for a Park and to pay a person and do a study about a park.
   This is a big waste of tax dollars, but I am sure someone has made an extra buck.

C. de Boer, Kingsgate