Applause for attitude of Woodinville and its police

Woodinville's police In a day and age when the word "police officer" is often surrounded by controversy and criticism, it is more than comforting to meet an individual who single-handedly can restore one's confidence in police officers.
   Woodinville is a town that extends a gracious and comforting hand to its residents. When one enters the local supermarkets, video stores, etc., they are addressed by name and more than hospitable actions.
   I have had the pleasure of recognizing this while visiting Woodinville this month, and after being pulled over this morning by a police officer, it does not surprise me that the neighborhood attitude extends to its police force.
   Never have I dealt with an officer so eager to explain to me my infraction and the possible harm my mistake could cause and in turn listen to my half-hearted explanation objectively.
   My incident was in fact a conversation, not a direct inquisition.
   As a long-haired young male who regretfully is often quick to criticize the police, I felt as though I should recognize the attitude of Woodinville and its police officers, an attitude that is no less than fantastic.

Todd Platt, Florida Keys