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Video tricks catch up with Santa

video tricks Video camcorder owners can create the illusion that Santa Claus has been caught on tape Christmas Eve.
   Memories Video Productions' technique is called Stop-Action Videography, made popular on television shows such as "Bewitched" and "I Dream of Jeannie," where items would appear and disappear with the snap of a finger.
   Santa is not seen in the illusion. Santa can't be photographed, which adds to his mystery, yet the tape shows the gifts actually appearing under the tree.
   If you are eager to catch Santa for your children this Christmas Eve, here are some guidelines:    When the tape is later played for your children, they'll witness their gifts appearing under the tree semingly by magic.
   For those who would like more detailed instructions and additional creative ideas, Memories has produced an instructional video tape entitled "Catching Santa." For more information, call (708) 305-0730.