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Holiday decorating: Set winter themes with color

holiday decorating To create a magical mood for a holiday party, organize a color theme, such as all red or white with silver or gold accents.
   Create a rich still life with all-red fruits. Arrange apples, pears, pomegranates, and crabapples in a basket as a centerpiece.
   Deep red amaryllis flowers are usually available, or use masses or red roses or carnations.
   Cover your table with layers of white gauze. It's inexpensive, soft and looks like snow. Sprinkle metallic confetti over the gauze and add tiny votive candles for shimmer.
   Garnish plates with a sprig of holly or ivy. Surround serving platters and dishes with greenery.
   Purchase candles of different heights and widths, place on small teacup saucers and decorate with holiday greens. Arrange them in groups or scatter around your table or mantel.
   Fill antique children's toys, such as trucks, tractors, or a train, with tiny, brightly-wrapped packages for your guests.

Ideas courtsey of Hearth Honey Ham.