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Man charged in stabbing

stabbing suspect by Jeff Switzer
Jeffery Sager, an 18-year-old male, has been charged with first degree robbery in connection with the Dec. 6 late-night stabbing of a service station attendant in downtown Woodinville.
   Officers had arrested a 20-year-old Redmond man Dec. 7 on suspicion of participating in the crime, but he was released. Police say they have positive leads on an additional suspect in the case.
   According to charges filed by the prosecutor's office, Sager, with others, robbed the gas station in the 14000 block of downtown Woodinville on Dec. 6, stabbing the station's employee, Todd Okerman, several times.
   The determination for probable cause states: "At approximately 2:45 a.m., Okerman was in the process of stocking some of the store shelves when he heard the locked front door rattle. He checked the front door and did not see anyone around.
   "As he walked to the register, he looked back toward the door and saw an unidentified male standing outside ... rubbing his hands together and indicating that he was cold and merely wanted to buy some food.
   "When Okerman opened the store door, the male entered and put a knife to Okerman's throat, stating, 'Don't move, *!@*%, I'm going to kill you.'
   "As the male threatened Okerman, Sager rushed into the store, wearing a bandanna."
   Documents say the male attacked Okerman, throwing him on the ground and stabbing him in the leg, telling him to give them all the money or they would kill him.
   Sager was standing at the register and Okerman told him how to open it. Neither of the two males could open the register, so they forced Okerman to open it.
   Documents allege that after getting the money, Sager sliced Okerman's neck as he lay face down on the ground, and the male stabbed Okerman in the back. The male and Sager then saw some police cars drive by. They pounded Okerman's head on the ground and left the store laughing. Okerman then called 911. Police were, however, already in the area responding to a suspicious circumstances call.
   An employee at a local sports bar had reported that two males, wearing bandannas, were seen by the bar peeking into windows with covered faces. The employee pointed out the two males to the responding officer, who attempted to flag them down.
   Court papers state that the two individuals started walking away at a fast pace. The officer chased them and found Sager hiding behind a dumpster, matching the description Okerman had given over the phone.
   Sager was taken into custody and was found in possession of a knife and with rolls of money next to his feet.
   Sager remains in custody with bail fixed at $75,000. Okerman continues to recover from his injuries.