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Has anyone seen Otis?

lost dog On Dec. 9, Brenda McLaughlin was on her way from Spokane to visit her family here.
   She was driving north on I-405. When she took the 160th exit, the lane unexpectedly ended, and she lost control of her truck, which tipped onto its side.
   Fortunately, none of the human passengers were injured, but when the truck's canopy popped open, Otis escaped, and although they have all searched for the beloved black Lab they have found no sign of him.
   The dog is a Lab mix with a white chest. He is 4 1/2 years old and neutered. He was wearing a black bleached nylon collar, but had no tags. He was probably very scared.
   Anyone with information about Otis is asked to call Brenda in Spokane at 509-465-9583 or 360-668-4948. Both numbers may be called collect.