Working toward peace at Hollywood Hill Elementary

students for peace by Eric Norris, Jense Flaherty, Sean Murphy, Karl Holappa, and Robin Dirksen,
6th-grade students in Mrs. Wilson's class at Hollywood Hill Elementary

Mrs. Wilson's 6th grade class has had the special opportunity to write to and help a family in Croatia.
   This family has been deeply shaken by the devastating war between the Muslims, Serbians and the Croats.
   Juliet is a 16-year-old who has been writing to the 6th grade class for the last couple of months.
   She writes of the war, "When I was being little girl (12 or 13 years), here in my country the war was starting. In October 1991, I left my real home, my friends, peace, and my childhood. My father was being in army, mother was so worried, little brother was so scared. My life was being destroyed."
   "We got in touch with Juliet through one of our classmates, Jense Flaherty," explained one of Mrs. Wilson's students.
   "His family sent presents to her family through a church program," they said.
   "We are very touched by what is happening in her part of the world. We are glad that we had the chance to help her family out by sending articles of clothing," Mrs. Wilson's students said.
   In one of her letters, Juliet describes war as stupid, sad, unnecessary, terrible, painful, and everything bad. She also describes peace as the most beautiful thing in our lives and that we must conserve it.
   "We hope to correspond with her throughout the year," the students said.