Field where horses ran will soon be gone

horse district The Nov. 20, 1995 issue of the Woodinville Weekly ran a picture of horses running in a field on its front page.
   The picture accompanied an article about the King County Executive Horse Council creating a horse district in the Leota-Wellington area of Woodinville.
   I presume that this picture was used because it typifies the "equestrian friendly" atmosphere and "country style living" of the Woodinville community.
   The irony of using this picture with this article is that the picture is NOT of, or even near, the Leota-Wellington area of Woodinville. Pictured is the large pasture near "downtown" Woodinvile bordered by 140th Avenue NE, NE 175th Street, and the Woodinville-Snohomish Road.
   It is the same field scheduled for development by the TRF-Pacific group. Keep this picture, because the field will soon be gone. The development signs are already posted on the property.
   Page 5 of the same issue tells about the proposed development of this same field by the TRF-Pacific group. This article tells of the continuing plans to turn this field into a 400,000- to 440,000-square-foot retail complex including a 67,000-square-foot "super-store," a home improvement store, a general merchandise department store, and a 10-screen multiplex cinema complex.
   Smaller specialty retail and services tenant buildings would also be included. Whatever land would remain would have to be used for parking.
   Perhaps my memory deceives me, but was (is) not public opinion running strongly against further development of this open area of downtown Woodinville? Does anyone care any more? Does it matter?
   Another point, not related to the above: Is it not strange that the Woodinville Fire and Life Safety District should pay $500,000 for a piece of property valued at $139,000? Was there an individual responsible for this decision? Or was it a group decision?
   Is this considered a good deal for anyone other than the seller of this piece of property? Is this why we voted to give the W.F. & L.S. the additional money they requested in the recent November election?
   Does this "deal" bother anyone else besides me?

Mary Bek, Woodinville