Interests of rural King County of little concern to council

county council I would like to personally thank Councilmembers Louise Miller of the 3rd district and Brian Derdowski of the 12th for their "no" votes on the Blakely Ridge permit ordinances passed recently.
   Ms. Miller's vote, representative of our district where Blakely Ridge is to be built, reflects the huge opposition to urbanizing our community, and that contrary to Councilmember Vance's claim, not all members believed that the Council was forced to approve this permit.
   Note that three council members "chose" not to vote on the three final permit votes, returning only after they were over, and that the permits were okayed with just eight of 13 members, all representing urban and/or developer interests.
   Comments after the vote from Chris Vance and others reflect the view of this council that the rural lifestyle is not considered an acceptable or defensible way of life.
   The interests of rural King County are of little concern to the urban proponents and growth advocates in and out of King County government, who will not be satisfied until only one way of life exists in this county: urban.
   I await an opportunity, now that this matter is no longer quasi-judicial, for our community to meet with our Councilmember Miller and plan strategies to force the county to adhere to the State GMA decision that ordered the county to delete this project or change it to meet the requirements of the Growth Management Act.
   An order that eight members of the King County Council chose to ignore.

Michael Costello, Redmond