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Dixon brings harassment question to City Council, staff

Jerry Wilmot Park plan updated

city council by Jeff Switzer
Councilmember Bob Dixon participated in the last meeting of his term as he usually does, involved and asking questions of staff.
   Towards the end of the meeting, he distributed a caricature that had been inserted into his council folder prior to a previous meeting depicting "Bobo, the Troublemaker," a children's picture book.
   Dixon said the caricature was inserted only in his packet, adding that he has tried to ignore similar materials delivered or directed at him. He said he was concerned about the access staff or council may have to the packets.
   "It is indeed sad that someone should feel they have to gloat for such a long period after my election loss," Dixon said in a prepared statement. "It is childish and petty behavior, to say the least," he said.
   "...Because it has continued past the election, I am fearful that the perpetrator(s) will turn their hate toward another member or members of the Council," Dixon added.
   Dixon asked that the council take a stand on this type of harassing behavior. Councilmember Engel offered an informal second to the motion.
   In early January, the new council will revisit the council procedures, and staff will be looking at securing access to the council packets. Engel said it was time to revisit the ethics ordinance also.
   No councilmembers objected to this suggestion and it is expected to be brought up in 1996.

Jerry Wilmot Park adjusted
   The question of safety came up in a discussion of the use of trails by bicyclists, in-line skaters, and pedestrians at Jerry Wilmot Green Gateway Park.
   To create a safer environment, the Design Program Committee has redrawn a portion of the Master Plan, straightening the trail through the park. Previous drawings had the trail sweeping through the park.
   Concerns that faster-moving trail users could be dangerous to park users trying to get to the lawn area precipitated the change. The new location for the trail will bring it closer to the water's edge.