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Metro to modify bus service for snow or ice

Metro service When snow or ice poses driving hazards this fall and winter, Metro will reroute service, if necessary, on 116 bus routes to bypass hazardous, hilly streets.
   Snow route information is available in timetables with the snowflake symbol on the cover.
   Whenever possible, Metro's public information staff will announce to the news media which routes are being rerouted or areas are being affected. Many radio stations announce changes in Metro service caused by snow or icy conditions.
   A taped message on the Washington state Department of Transportation's 368-HIWY line will give current Metro snow and ice reroutes by geographical area.
   Many new riders may be trying to get information about the routes nearest them when it snows. Riders calling Metro's 24-hour rider information number, 553-3000, may have to try several times to get through. Extra operators will be on duty when it snows. Keep trying and then stay on the line until the next available information operator answers, Metro officials said.
   Metro timetables are available at local libraries, community colleges and major shopping malls.