Dear Editor

Young readers write letters

young readers This week we conclude the publication of letters to the editor written by young people concerned about important issues in the community.

Teens need more places to go
   Teens have no place to go around Woodinville, or other small cities, that's fun.
   I don't like seeing teenagers hanging around, and smoking. I'm almost a teen, and I don't want to be included in such a mess of violence and drugs.
   By the time I'm a true teenager, I'd like to see some of these things fixed. I know this world is probably never going to be picture perfect, but it would be fun to try.
   During the summer I'll be at a store with my mom and dad, and teenagers will be smoking outside. The stores don't really appreciate teens smoking outside their store because it drives away customers.
   When kids are just hanging around, they can easily get into trouble. They could start stealing from stores, or join a gang. I know this because I've seen them stealing.
   I always hear parents saying that they don't want their babies (that are really between the ages of 13 and 19) in trouble. But if they don't want them in trouble, why do they let them just hang around stores and smoke?
   To solve this problem, we should build things like theaters, arcades, teen centers, or some other place for them to go. Or, have more activities at school that everyone would like.
   Teens wouldn't have to hang around just to find something to do. They'd already have a place to go. If there was a place near or in Woodinville, that would get the teens off the streets, many people would be happy. Parents wouldn't have to drive their kids to Alderwood or Seattle every time they wanted to do something.
   If you feel as strongly about this as I do, talk to your mayor or city council. It will work if you want it to. Remember that it's important to keep these teens off the streets, and safe. For they are the future.

Theresa K. Lyons, Woodinville

Smoking in public should be illegal
   Smoking, smoking, smoking! It's all I ever see nowadays. At schools, stores and movie theaters, I always see at least two people smoking.
   When they smoke I smoke. Not actually, but second-hand smoking is just as bad.
   When other people smoke, they not only harm themselves, but they harm my friends and me. I think that's not fair! Now, a pack of deadly cigarettes are easier to get your hands on than ever before. What's going to be done?
   In Washington, a lot of kids steal cigarettes to puff on every day. I really think there should be shops just for tobacco products, just like liquor stores.
   There would be alarms if something was stolen and customers must be 18 to enter or to buy. Another idea would be to make smoking illegal in public parks, stores, restaurants, etc.
   I am really serious about these ideas and wish to make them happen.

Mike Sherman, Woodinville

Replace barrier with a road
   As a sixth grader at Wellington Elementary in Woodinville that doesn't ride the bus and sometimes gets a ride to school, I think we should have a road where the barrier is on NE 195th Street.
    I think we should have a road there because I can get to school faster than going through what seems to be a blur of cars when I go all the way around to school.
   If the barriers are taken down and a road is put in, there will be less pollution because cars would use less gas and less gas burnt up means less pollution.
   The Woodinville-Duvall Road is already too congested and a new road would reduce the amount of traffic there. The Woodinville-Duvall Road would also be a lot safer.
   A new road would save resources such as gas and parts of the Woodinville-Duvall road having to be rebuilt sooner. it would make life a little easier on parents who drive their kids to school. Some buses could get to school faster and use les gasoline. One strip of concrete about 30 feet long connecting two barricaded roads could make our lives a little easier.

Patrick Simmons, Woodinville

Woodinville Falcons football coverage
   I'm writing to thank whoever covered the Woodinville Falcons Football Team. He or she did an excellent job!
   I went to about half their games, and if I missed an exciting play, you told me about it.
   One reason I liked the paper so much is you talked about my brother Brigham Tomco a lot. Another reason is you have good facts like how many tackles or sacks the team has. So whoever wrote the sports column, thank you, and I hope you will fill me in on the games next year. Once again, nice job!

Benjamin D. Tomco, Woodinville