Passage of Levy/Bond issue vital to maintain school quality

levy/bond issue As a "concerned parent," I decided to attend a meeting [sponsored by Mr. Mikesell and group] on Dec. 4 at the Bothell Library. My concerns were different than theirs, though.
   I was concerned that this was going to be a group intent on trying to get the Levy/Bond issue to fail in February.
   For reasons that are still unclear to me, you seem to be unhappy with the Northshore School District and how and what our children are learning. Several mentioned you were not unhappy with the staff or administrators, so I'm a little confused about what your complaint is.
   I am a parent of a sophomore at Woodinville High School and a fifth grader at Cottage Lake Elementary. We have lived in the Northshore area since 1978 and our girls have attended public schools since kindergarten.
   The teachers and administrators have always been very supportive, cooperative, and willing to listen. They are always willing to have help in the classroom and I have been fortunate enough to be able to help in the classroom throughout their elementary school years.
   I have spent a lot of volunteer hours at Cottage Lake and Leota and have been a PTA officer for both schools. I love the sense of community I feel in our school district and I belive we have a great school district.
   The Levy/Bond issue is vitally important for our school district to be able to continue to be a top notch school district.
   Did any of you attend the Levy/Bond forums? There were several in the district you could choose to attend. The school district was asking for our input about the upcoming Bond and Levy.
   I attended one of these meetings and was very pleased with all the thought and work they had put into the issue. They wrote down all our thoughts and concerns and thought it all through before making a final decision on how much to ask for and how to ask for it (three separate issues instead of combining).
   I learned a lot about what the three separate issues were for, how the money was to be collected and for how long. It was very informative, but not very well attended.
   Do you realize what would happen if the M&O levy doesn't pass? That alone would cripple our schools. You complain that test scores aren't good enough, but without money from the Technology Bond, how can we make progress and keep up with the world? We need technology for our kids to be able to compete in this world.
   As for capital projects, it goes without saying that some of our older schools need work and we are bursting at the seams at the junior high level. How can we expect our children to get a good education in an overcrowded school?
   The new Levy/Bond that is being voted on in February is only a replacement tax: it won't raise your taxes! It is very necessary if we are to continue as an outstanding school district.
   I am sorry you seem so dissatisfied with the schools in our area. I have seen a lot of good things going on in the classroom and with the Levy and Bond issues passing, we will continue to see a lot of excellent things from Northshore.

Anne Zorich, Woodinville