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Otis: Home at last

lost dog by Karen Diefendorf
Santa Claus came early for the McLaughlin family of Spokane. Their Christmas wish was granted with the safe return of their dog, Otis.
   The 4 1/2-year-old black Labrador had been lost Dec. 9 when the family's truck canopy popped open in an accident at the 160th exit off I-405 near Woodinville.
   Although the family searched for Otis, they could find no sign of him. As it turns out, he was being pretty well taken care of.
   About a mile from the site of the accident, Otis had found a yard with other dogs to play with and food provided by a friendly owner.
   Following an article and ads in the papers, the McLaughlins received a call on Dec. 21 that Otis had been found.
   Much to the relief of all the McLaughlins--Brenda, husband David, and children Ashlie, Colin and Elise--Otis was brought home that Saturday and didn't appear any worse for wear. However, he's sticking pretty close to family members.
   When Christmas morning came, Otis was definitely not forgotten. His sock was filled with lots of chew toys to celebrate his safe return.
   The McLaughlin family said they want to thank all the people who called with information about black Labs. They also send a special thanks to the man who found their dog. Because of a mix-up, his name and phone number have been misplaced, but the family would like him to know how much they appreciate his caring for Otis.