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News from the Metro/King County Council

county council by Vice-Chair Louise Miller, Woodinville
The last two weeks of 1995 have kept the council extremely busy completing the annual update to the Comprehensive Plan.
   Several amendments were passed which impact District 3 in particular. First, there are several properties in District 3 which are zoned for one dwelling unit per 2.5 acres, but cannot actualize this zoning because the maximum density allowed in the rural areas is one dwelling unit per 5 acres.
   Councilmember Chris Vance passed an amendment which now allows these property owners to actualize their zoning if the property is surrounded on at least three sides by lots smaller than 5 acres.
   Unfortunately, there are still several large parcels throughout rural King County which are completely surrounded by smaller lots, but cannot subdivide as they are not currently zoned at 2.5 acres.
   I will continue to work with Councilmember Vance and the Growth Management Hearings Board in order to find a mechanism to assist these property owners.
   As part of the Comprehensive Plan update, the council also updated the Countywide Transportation Needs Report.
   Horse owners in District 3 will be interested to know that I sponsored an amendment which altered language in several different road project descriptions so that corridors would be provided for equestrian traffic in addition to bicycles and pedestrians. For more information on the specific projects which were amended, please contact my legislative aide, Paula Adams at 296-0308.
   Finally, the County Council voted to give final approval for the Blakely Ridge Urban Planned Development in Redmond.
   While the council did approve this project, I voted against it because I have concerns about traffic and environmental impacts to surrounding areas.
   The county has put a tremendous amount of energy into protecting Bear Creek, and the 1994 Comprehensive Plan is already delaying some road improvements in the rural area. As many of you know, the State Growth Management Hearings Board has expressed concerns regarding whether or not an urban planned development can even be allowed in this area.
   If you are interested in these or any other County issues, I encourage you to call my Courthouse Office at 296-1003, or speak with me on Wednesdays at my District Office in Kingsgate. My Kingsgate Office is staffed five days per week and the phone number is 296-0397.
   Happy Holidays to everyone in District 3!