Grateful to be part of 'first team'

city council I would like to take a moment to thank the Woodinville community for having given me the opportunity to be a member of the "first team" of the new City of Woodinville.
   I am grateful to have been a member of a tremendous team, a team made up of council members, planning commissioners, city staff, and interested citizens, all of whom had a hand in creating our new city.
   I was one of many, and the honor of having been part of this tremendous effort means a great deal to me. It always shall.
   To Mayor Bob Miller, Deputy Mayor Don Brocha, Councilmembers Lucy DeYoung, Marsha Engel, Scott Hageman, Art Saulness, and Barbara Solberg, my heartfelt best wishes for the journey ahead.
   There are many tasks, and many difficult decisions ahead. But then, there always shall be.
   You have my hope, my confidence, and also a wish for good luck as well.
   Again, thank you all, for the opportunity to have given something back to the community.

Mark Jessup, Woodinville