Councilman's energy, inspiration helped create the City of Woodinville

retiring councilmember The following letter is addressed to retiring Woodinville City Councilmember Mark Jessup, with a request for publication:
   It has been a long road that you have travelled with our developing city, and I know that it hasn't been easy.
   The long hours spent reviewing resolutions, developing zoning codes, and reviewing council packets may not appear to add up to much, but I know that it is your energy and inspiration that has helped make the City of Woodinville what it is today.
   I also believe that life and family and a real career are more important, and that you made a decision to put your energy where it should be put, at this time.
   But you know that I know you, and that you are always thinking of the city, the staff, the community, and the next project that will successfully move the city forward. But don't worry about it!
   You once wrote, "Our city is like a living, breathing, ever-changing entity. As it grows, it will have many sets of parents. There will be many different councils, made up of many different individuals."
   And with those words, you can put your mind at ease, knowing that once again a page has been turned and that there is a newly elected group of councilmembers, who will chart an appropriate course for the city.
   Because of my past working relationship with you, I can appreciate you as a councilmember, a colleague, and a friend.
   Like a skipper, you have charted a positive course for the city, and have left the remaining crew with a steady course that you can be proud of.
   It has been an extreme pleasure to have worked with you over the past years, and I will always look forward to working with you in some capacity in the future.
   One can only hope for leadership from the likes of you. You will be missed!

Donald J. Schneider, former City Councilmember, Woodinville