Many know how to use a gun responsibly

gun control I agree with Ms. Gray (Woodinville Weekly, Dec. 25) that guns should be harder for kids to get, but wholeheartedly disagree that guns shouldn't be sold publicly.
   What about those people who know how to use a gun responsibly? They can save themselves, and all those people Ms. Gray says she loves, from dangerous people.
   Wait, I may be acting unfairly towards Ms. Gray, so let us pretend that we stopped making guns.
   People who owned them legally have had them stolen and sold on the black market. Criminals start making bullets which are sold on the black market, also. So what is happening?
   In laymen's terms, the good guys don't have guns and the bad guys do!
   So please, if you have guns or are considering getting one, learn how to use it, instead of tossing it into a trash compactor, like Ms. Gray suggests (which is very dangerous).
   If everyone knows how to use a gun, then the gun can't get up, sprout legs and arms to pull the trigger at the wrong time. Then we don't have to worry about hurting Ms. Gray's friends that she so dearly loves!

Christina Olson, age 11