Magazine publishes story by Bear Creek student

Benjamin Heimfeld

Benjamin works to solve a puzzle in Highlights for Children.

story published by Karen Diefendorf
Unlike most 5-year-olds, Benjamin Heimfeld, son of Shelly and Debby Heimfeld of Woodinville, can truthfully claim to have had a story published in a national magazine. Last July, Highlights for Children, a magazine for youngsters from two to 12, asked its readers to write about funny mistakes they had made.
   When Benjamin read about the request, he remembered an embarrassing incident that had happened to him.
   Earlier in the summer, after the Heimfeld family had been camping in Moran State Park on Orcas Island, they had lunch at the Orcas Hotel while awaiting the arrival of the ferry. It was here that Ben discovered his dislike of clams, which created the inspiration for the story he would later send to the magazine.
   "I ate some clam chowder. I didn't like it, so I reached for what I thought was a big glass of water. But there was only a drop of milk inside," was the conclusion to the story Ben wrote for the "Oops I Goofed!" section of Highlights for Children.
   Ben described his creative effort: "It took lots of time and practice, and Mom helped," Ben said. "I was proud of myself."
   Almost as exciting as seeing his story in print was the company's promise to send Ben two copies of the magazine. "They did, and I was so excited," he said.
   Besides writing, the kindergarten student, who has since turned 6, loves to read, do puzzles, spend time with his friends, and ski cross country. In the fall, he plays soccer with the Chargers, a Northshore Youth Soccer Association team.