50th Wedding Anniversaries

Gen. and Mrs. Louis J. Hackett

Hackett wedding

Louis and Vivian Hackett on their wedding day in 1946.

50th anniversary Jan. 10, 1996 will mark the 50th wedding anniversary for retired Brigadier General and Mrs. Louis J. Hackett, Jr. Louis, a medical doctor, and Vivian, a nurse, first met at a hospital in Augusta, Ga. Then, during World War II, they both served in the army, stationed in Europe.
   At one point, Vivian was serving in a M.A.S.H. unit during the Battle of the Bulge. Louis, hoping to visit her, went so far as to volunteer to command a train carrying tanks to the front lines near her location. Unfortunately, she had been transferred, and he missed her by a day.
   In 1946, the two were married in Scottsfield, Ill. During the first years of the marriage, Louis completed his pediatric residency in Louisville, Ky., and returned to the army to serve during the Korean War.
   Following Brigadier General Hackett's retirement from the army, the couple moved to Woodinville in 1992 to be closer to their children Alethea, and Louis III and his wife Joanie and their children, Beth, Valerie, Kevin, and Lisa.

Bill and Maria Ereth

Ereth wedding Ereths today
Bill and Maria Ereth, 50 years ago. The Ereths today.

50th anniversary Bill and Maria Ereth of Carnation celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary Jan. 2. They were married in 1946 in Mandan, North Dakota.
   The couple moved to the Carnation area in 1967. Bill was a carpenter at Carnation Farms for the three years prior to his retirement in 1985. Maria is a homemaker.
   The Ereths had four children: Pamela and husband Reg Clark of Lynwood; Naomi and husband Nick Wickstrom of Duvall; Wes Ereth of Alderwood; and Dallas Ereth, deceased.
   They have been active members of Cherry Valley Riders for 25 years and John Wayne Wagons and Riders. The Ereths also enjoy family and friends, horseback riding, dancing, travel, and gardening.
   The family plans a celebration this summer when relatives from North Dakota will be able to attend.