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'Waste Free Fridays' is 1996 conservation program

Waste Free Fridays Beginning Jan. 5, King County and Seattle residents will be able to participate in "Waste Free Fridays," a program spearheaded by King County Solid Waste and Seattle Solid Waste to help residents reduce the amount of waste they generate.
   "We asked people to recycle, and they did," said King County Executive Gary Locke. "Now it's time for us to focus on helping people change their buying habits so we have fewer things to recycle."
   The first quarter of 1996 will be spent cutting down on waste generated by the most common Northwest purchase: coffee. According to the Solid Waste Division, a coffee drinker who uses one disposable cup per day contributes to the King County Waste stream of 52 million cups each year. Bruegger's Bagels, with locations in Redmond, Canyon Park, Greenlake and Mercer Island, is offering free drip coffee refills on Fridays through March in their $1.99 mugs.
   In an effort to cut down on the 275 million pounds of grass clippings generated each year by King County and Seattle residents, discounts on mulching lawn mowers will be offered at area retailers on Fridays from April through June.
   Statistics show that each office worker makes an average of 4,400 single-sided copies per year, translating into 3.3 billion sheets of paper sent through each copy machine one time. Copying on both sides of a sheet of paper could save 1.5 billion sheets each year. From July through September, Kinko's is offering cents-off discounts for second-side copies on Fridays.
   An average of 30 presents are wrapped by each household during the holidays, translating into more than 18 million presents, packaging and wrapping discarded each year. During the final quarter of 1996, Ticketmaster will be offering discounts for tickets purchased on Fridays, promoting the giving of experiences rather than packaged gifts.
   King County has been recognized nationally for its pioneering community-based conservation programs.