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Police Beat

police beat by Richard Matros
On Dec. 15, a sting-type operation was conducted in the Woodinville/Bothell/Juanita area. A minor was given five dollars and asked to purchase a six-pack of beer. Six of the 14 locations checked were cited for the sale of alcohol to a minor.
   On Dec. 19, a Woodinville man was cited for investigation of 4th-degree assault after a dispute erupted over his driving ability.
    According to the police report, the victim, a minor, was allegedly cut off as he entered a local shopping center off NE 175th Street in downtown Woodinville. The suspect stopped his car in the entrance of the mall after the victim yelled something at him. The verbal altercation continued as the suspect walked over to the victim's vehicle, and the suspect allegedly slapped the victim several times.
    The victim said he tried to open his car door but the suspect slammed it shut, allegedly causing a dent and paint damage.
    As the suspect walked back to his vehicle, the victim stepped out brandishing a baseball bat. At that time, a witness to the unfolding events said he told them both to "knock it off."
    The suspect then threatened to take away the bat and beat the victim with it, to which the victim reportedly replied, "Really, is that before or after I break your knee with it?"
   Several people were standing around by this time, and the passenger in the victim's vehicle told him to get the license number of the suspect's vehicle and leave. The police later contacted the suspect at his residence.
   On Dec. 31, near the 18800 block of NE 153rd, suspects were observed driving over a lawn. When the victim yelled at the suspects, they turned off their lights and sped off. After some investigating, a passenger in the vehicle was later identified as someone who was visiting a house close by.