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Metro/King County Council News

County Council by Louise Miller, Vice Chair, Councilmember, District 3
The council has spent the past two years reorganizing county government and merging Metro with King County.
   As of January, 1996, the merge will be complete. It will take another six to nine months to fine-tune the combined organizations and get the newly formed departments working smoothly.
   As county government changed with the merger, so has the makeup of the council. In 1996, a majority of the members will have been elected since the charter amendment was passed in 1993.
   The leadership team for 1996 will be Jane Hague, from District 11, as the Chair. Continuing as Vice Chair is Louise Miller from District 3.
   We hope to bring a collaborative, issue-based approach to the council and further the goals of a streamlined government that provides the best service possible for our constituents.
   We will continue the outreach of more district offices and services located outside Seattle, also holding meetings on important issues in the evening in the communities outside of Seattle.
   The council will be looking for more ways of saving money and also making sure that we continue quality regional service.
   As more areas annex to the suburban cities or form new cities, the job of providing local police, fire, roads, parks, and human services will be handled by those cities.
   The county will be responsible for criminal justice, transit, sewage treatment, solid waste, and other regional services.