Support for council disclosure proposal

disclosure proposal As a taxpaying King County resident and a patron of county services, I am responding to the proposal of Metro King County Councilperson Jane Hague.
   Disclosing how your councilperson is voting on issues that affect your everyday lives and futures; knowing whose interests they are representing, besides their districts, or who or what special interest groups are contributors to their campaign funds; and knowing how your tax dollars and time are spent would all help give you, the taxpayer, the person who pays their salary, an informed and responsible vote.
   I personally would like to know who I am hiring and what this person really stands for. I hate to think of all the people who are voting their councilperson in on the basis of an 8"x10" glossy or a name that's easy to pronounce, almost like playing blindman's bluff.
   I believe no honest, responsible councilperson should be opposing this disclosure proposal. To do so would suggest they have agendas other than those their districts elected them for.
   I urge all residents of King County to call their district councilperson and strongly insist they pass this proposal.
   If you don't know who your councilperson is, call the clerk of the county at 296-1000, and they will know.
   We don't have to all go to the polls blindfolded. Here is our opportunity to see who we vote for. I urge you again: Call your councilpersons. Insist they support this proposal. If they won't, I'd suspect there may be a fox guarding the henhouse. Shame on someone.

Janet Hays, Carnation