Show support and pride in Norhshore

school levies All three of the Northshore School District's bond and levy measures deserve support at the polls on February 6.
   Our local school property taxes will not increase with their passage because they are replacing expiring measures at the same tax rate.
   The Maintenance and Operations Levy is one of the major sources of funds to the school district. Without it the excellent educational program offered by Northshore schools would seriously be impaired. Passage of the M&O levy is vital.
   The Capital Projects Bond pays for renovation and modernization of our buildings and grounds. When the sixth junior high opens next year, the district will be operating 31 schools. Many of them are over 20 years old. It is important to keep them in good repair as well as add capacity for our growing student population.
   The Technology Levy will help prepare Northshore students for well-paying jobs. Additional computers and network equipment will support the district technology plan.
   Northshore has excellent public schools because our community has supported them for many years. Families move here for our schools. Realtors advertise "Northshore Schools."
   We should all show our support and pride in Northshore. Vote for schools on February 6.

Rich Baldwin, Bothell