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Panel on toll roads at Maltby Forum

toll roads The Maltby Forum will host a panel discussion Jan. 19, 7:30 p.m., at the Maltby Community Club on "The Toll Road Projects: Their History, Their Intent, Their Costs, and Their Benefits."
   Invited panelists include the six state legislators from the 39th and 44th districts, plus two local independent political researchers. An open question/answer/discussion session will follow the panel.
   Panel organizers say Washington state administrators and planners are moving forward with a plan to convert our roads and highways to toll roads. "Different roads, and even different lanes of the same road or highway, will be differently 'billed' or charged, by means of a microchip attached to each car and sensors embedded in the road or mounted overhead," they said.
   Questions about the project will include the cost to people, advantages and disadvantages, and the issues of privacy and the increasing monitoring/surveillance of the populace by government.
   Maltby Forum meetings are held on third Fridays at the club. While no admission is charged, donations are accepted to cover hall rental and other expenses.
   The Maltby Community Club is located at 8711 206th St. SE. For more information or directions, call Don Finrow at (360) 668-6773 or (206) 486-6628.