The $7.6 million is worth one glass of champagne

Canterbury Square An open letter to Al and Donna DeYoung:
   I am writing this letter to let you know that we have no ill feelings towards you or your lawyer, even though we have had a very traumatic two years.
   You know, Al, if you would have come to us first and told us that you were up against a lot of pressure from the new city and would have to make some decisions about the park and let us know what was ahead for us instead of breaking the news the way you did--through a news item--we wouldn't have been quite so bitter.
   Think how you would feel if you saw your life savings invested in your home go down the drain in one fell swoop.
   We moved here because we loved the park and the city (or neighborhood, as it wasn't a city when most of us moved in), and we were looking for a serene place to spend our last years.
   We loved the independence, the close stores, but most of all, the people. We are a big family, and when you hurt one of us, you hurt us all.
   If the tactics of Andy Crick offended you, we're sorry, but you must admit, he got your attention!
   I know you really didn't think we could raise the $7,600,000, but you didn't reckon with the tenacity of George Scrimshaw. I've never met such a man! He was like a bulldog. If he was foiled in one direction, he turned to another. We owe Mr. Scrimshaw more than we can ever repay.
   I would invite you and Donna to drive through Canterbury Square next July or August. I think you will be proud of the job we've done. You'll see neatly trimmed hedges and trees, beautifully kept lawns and flowers, and gardens to make anyone proud.
   We know how much you and Donna loved this park and how much physical work you personally have done, mainly because nobody could do the work the way you would want it done.
   So, Al, raise a glass with us when we celebrate. The $7.6 million is surely worth one glass of champagne!

George Behrend, Canterbury Square #10