Petition on vehicle speeds may actually bring official help

vehicle speeds Thank you to the residents of 174th and 171st Avenue NE (old Ball Road), Woodinville.
   Criminal Jim Lynn here, thanking you for the participation and efforts in signing the petition in protest of the vehicle speeds we see on these roads every day.
   I attended a council meeting yesterday to voice our opinions on how the situation is being handled. Believe it or not, there are some council members who do know what is going on, are beyond the denial stage, and care.
   However, I believe the media has misinterpreted our message. Time will tell.
   The message here is: You can stripe the roadways all you want, add speed limit signs and reduce the speed limits. Fact is, none of this stuff works.
   The only thing that does is: posting a police officer on 165th Avenue NE daily during on and off peak hours. Or, let them smash into something. Period.
   While walking the neighborhood, I have found a wonderful community. I found the elderly, I found neighbors looking after neighbors, I found caring, wonderful people from all walks of life. I am grateful to live in a community with neighbors like you. It was my pleasure talking with you all. Thank you.
   I would urge other people in the local community to get out of the house and visit with thy neighbor. It is truly rewarding in many ways.
   Maybe this summer we can organize a block party, shut down this freeway for the day so we can all get out and mingle with one another... It would be fun.
   Jim Lynn, UN-incorporated King County. May we have better luck next year.

Jim Lynn, Woodinville

P.S. An easy solution to the mailbox-bashing is to get a stout fence post and drive into the ground five feet "upstreet" or upstream of the mail box. They will smack the fence post, not the mail box. I've had good luck with this method, but they did get it once with an apple.