Mink Road, again

Mink Road The speed limit on Mink Road should be raised from the present 35 mph to 40 mph.
   The basically straight Mink Road towards the southwest extends into Bear Creek Road (also 35 mph) and thence to Avondale Road.
   Bear Creek Road is a mass of curves; it is ridiculous to consider a slower speed limit on Mink Road than on Bear Creek Road.
   Also, there is the frustration factor associated with unreasonable motorists' restraints that I will not pursue.
   As to the fatality at the intersection of Mink Road and Woodinville-Duvall Road, I don't know about being "slaughtered," as [a letter writer] previously stated (and I presume also butchered), but I do know it behooves a person to heed the stop sign on Mink Road. The speed limit was not a factor.
   I have noticed considerable truck traffic to and from Avondale Road and Woodinville-Duvall Road at the Intersection of these roads. I have noticed only minor truck traffic on the alternate Mink and Bear Creek route. The trucking companies do pay taxes (probably more than their share) towards support of the highway department and are entitled to reasonable use of public roads.
   As to general traffic, I know that I am not the only one that does not travel southwest on Mink and Bear Creek Roads because of the difficulty of gaining access to Avondale (a traffic light is being installed here) associated with the considerable residential growth. And of course, while construction was (and is) in progress, more trucks are in evidence.
   We cannot all enjoy the seclusion and security of a planned community with a guard at the gate. In my case, I dream of a small farm in the middle of nowhere.

Sigmund Geisendorfer, Woodinville