On the Road with Rex & Carol: 1996 Sunfire test drive

Pontiac Sunfire

The 1996 Pontiac Sunfire GT Coupe.

On the Road The 1996 Pontiac Sunfire GT Coupe is a spicy, sporty car aimed at the younger market, but fun to drive even if you are older--particularly in bright red with all the options, including the leather-wrapped steering wheel.
   This is the second year out for this car which comes in four models: SE Coupe, SE Sedan, SE Convertible, and GT Coupe.
   The new 2.4 liter Twin Cam engine was developed for the Sunfire and the Grand Am and is designed to be more balanced, powerful, and quiet than the 2.3 Quad 4. It certainly provided enough power.
   The 4-wheel brakes are standard on the Sunfire. With these kind of brakes, you do not pump them, but press down firmly and hold while continuing to steer. Sensors near the four wheels signal an on-board computer to ease the brake pressure on a skidding wheel and reapply full pressure until the wheel starts to skid again. The system checks for skidding hundreds of times a second and pumps the brakes dozens of times a second, faster than any human.
   There are several new features on the 1996 mode,l including a 4-speed automatic transmission option, daytime running lights, remote keyless entry, and the availability of steering wheel radio controls. The rounded body with the back spoiler gives the car a soft look.
   It is a comfortable, yet small car. A new Passlock security system makes it difficult to steal without a key. There are dual air bags and a large glove compartment.
   The Sunfire comes with a 3-year/36,000 mile limited warranty.

1996 Pontiac Sunfire GT Coupe: