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Dining In: Super Bowl day

recipes Score a touchdown with hungry Steelers and Cowboys football fans at your house on Super Bowl Sunday with these hearty snacks.

Gardening: Choosing vegetable seeds

gardening The garden in my head in January is my favorite garden. Because it is purely imaginary, it is free of weeds and pests.

Songaia welcomes visitors this Saturday

cohousing community A group of Bothell residents have received zoning approval from Snohomish County on 11 acres near Canyon Park. Named "Songaia", the property is a cohousing development.

Book focuses on works of NW interior designer

interior designer Jean Jongeward in the Northwest Design Tradition is a tribute to the art and style of a designer who has long been in the forefront of Northwest interior design.

New video gives insights on horses

horses video A new educational video called "Ground Handling Horses Safely," for adult and older youth beginners, provides a horse's perspective on how and why they act and react in different situations.

When it snows, where do you go? To the library!

snow policy When the school buses stay in the barn and the kids are home all day, it's a pretty safe bet that your local library is open. The library system's "snow policy" is to be open whenever possible.

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