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When it snows, where do you go? To the library!

snow policy When the school buses stay in the barn and the kids are home all day, it's a pretty safe bet that your local library is open. The library system's "snow policy" is to be open whenever possible.
   Since the district covers 2,000 square miles and since weather varies greatly throughout the county, it's a local decision whether your local library is open.
   Each library has its own snow plan, and staff members who live closest get in and open the doors. Rarely has the entire system closed down due to inclement weather.
   So, when you hear on the morning news that it's a "snow day," unless you hear specifically that all King County Library System branches are closed, it's very likely that yours will be open.
   Give a call to make sure, put on your boots, visit the library, go home and curl up with a good book!